Illuminate your space sustainably with Wada Lamps.

Welcome to Wada Lamps, where we create hand-made, zero waste lamps that are not only beautiful but also sustainable. Our lamps are made by local women artisans in Turkey, who use traditional techniques to create each piece.

Our iconic geometric shape is inspired by asian traditional paper lamps, while our color combinations are inspired by the color combination book of Wada Sanzo, a painter, costume designer, and color theorist who created the book in 1937, Tokyo so our lamps take their name from him, as a tribute to his innovative work in the world of color theory.

We take pride in offering a distinctive array of colors for our lamps. In addition to our standard sizes, we offer custom sizes to meet your specific needs. We also understand that everyone's style and taste is unique, so we offer the option to choose custom color combinations that will match your individual preferences. Let us help you create a lamp that's truly one-of-a-kind!